Electron microscopy of γ-irradiated tungsten and molybdenum crystals

V. A. Mashtakova, A. A. Salomatin, B. B. Shishkin, A. P. Mamontov, N. N. Nikitenko, I. P. Chernov

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Electron microscopy has been applied to surface structure and emissivity for polycrystalline tungsten carbide and molybdenum and tungsten single crystals irradiated by γ-rays. The scanning electron microscope showed that γ-irradiation produced microrelief substantially affected by annealing; on the whole, the surface appeared as though it had melted, and craters were formed on the W. Melted parts also appeared on WC. The emission microscope was used to examine the structural changes on annealing, including the emissivity. With polycrystalline Mo, recrystallization occurred. At 1800-1820 K for W, 1680-1850 K for Mo, and 1350-1450 K for WC, the surfaces showed processes related to exothermic reactions between point defects produced by the γ-rays.

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ЖурналMoscow University Physics Bulletin (English Translation of Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta, Fizika)
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