Electromagnetic properties of Li0.4Fe2.4Zn0.2O4 ferrite sintered by continuous electron beam heating

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Lithium-zinc ferrite with the chemical formula of Li0.4Fe2.4Zn0.2O4 was prepared by continuous electron beam heating with electron energy of 1.4MeV at 1100°C for 140min. X-ray diffraction analysis confirmed the formation of cubic spinel structure. From SEM analysis, the average grain size of the ferrite ceramic was 2μm. The electromagnetic properties of LiZn ferrite were investigated. The samples are characterized by high values of the saturation magnetization, initial permeability and Curie temperature. The value of electrical resistivity is equal to 2.3×103 Ωcm. The high frequency performance of LiZn ferrite samples was estimated by measurement the frequency dispersion of the dielectric constant and dielectric loss. It was shown that the dielectric constant is characterized by normal dielectric behavior with frequency. The results were compared with the previous results obtained for the samples prepared by pulsed electron beam heating.

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