Electrochemical activity of glutathione at a graphite electrode modified with gold nanoparticles

D. O. Perevezentseva, K. V. Skirdin, E. V. Gorchakov, V. I. Bimatov

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The electrochemical activity of the glutathione (GSH) at the graphite electrodes modified with gold nanoparticles (AuNP-GCE) is formed under the ratio of reactants and in solutions of supporting electrolytes of 0, 1 M NaOH, 0,1 "phosphate buffer (pH 6.86), 0,1 M HCl, 0,1 M NaClO4 is studied by the method of cyclic voltammetry. The dependence of the electrochemical activity of GSH on ratio of reagents HAuCl4:Na3C6H5O7:NaBH4, used to the preparation of sols, and the modification time of the GE surface with gold nanoparticles have been studied. The "inverse" cathodic peak of GSH at AuNPGCE formed in the reaction mixture HAuCl4:Na3C6H5O7:NaBH4= 1:1:4 is observed on the cathodic branch of cyclic voltammogram at Ec = 0.05 V in 0.1 M NaOH. The mechanism of electrochemical oxidation of the GSH on the surface of AuNP-GCE in 0.1 M NaOH is proposed.

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