Elastic scattering of 13.6 MeV deuterons by light nuclei

A. N. Vereshchagin, I. N. Korostova, I. P. Chernov

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Measurements were made of the differential cross section or elastic scattering of 13.6 MeV deuterons by 19 nuclei, from beryllium to iron, and of the cross sections for inelastic scattering corresponding to the excitation of the lower excited levels of beryllium, carbon, titanium-46, and titanium-48. Several features found in the angular distributions are attributed to the interference of Coulomb and nuclear scattering. All the angular distributions are analyzed on the basis of the optical model; a quite good agreement is found between theory and experiment. A calculation is carried out for scattering by titanium-48 by the method of complex angular momenta. This model satisfactorily describes inelastic scattering of deuterons.

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ЖурналSoviet Physics Journal
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