Elastic properties of a tungsten monocarbide-based metalloceramic at low temperatures

V. L. Ul'yanov, A. A. Botaki, V. P. Nesterenko, I. P. Chernov

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VK metalloceramics based on tungsten monocarbide are widely used in technology and industry as tool and construction materials. Knowledge of the elastic properties of these materials at lower temperatures has great practical significance. Results of investigation are given about the changes of elastic properties in VK-6, VK-8, VK-10, VK-15, and VK-20 metalloceramics over the temperature range 100-295 K. The metalloceramic chemicals composition ranged from 94% WC-6% Co to 80% WC-20% Co; the phase composition was tungsten monocarbide WC-WC solid solution-Co.

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