Efficient characteristics of heat exchange in a porous filler of a flameless heat generator

Sergey A. Khaustov, Ruslan A. Visloguzov, Aleksander S. Ivashutenko, Sergey V. Dolgov, Roman B. Tabakaev, Anton N. Ermolaev

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One of the most common and dangerous emissions polluting the biosphere is liquid hydrocarbon waste. It can contain more than 200 dangerous compounds. A huge pollution rate led to accumulation of more than 1 billion tons of various liquid mancaused wastes. In this connection, one of the priority tasks facing the world community is the problem of utilizing the liquid hydrocarbon wastes. A pro mising way of solving this problem is the fire disposal of liquid hydrocarbon wastes in flameless heat generators providing its combu stion in a cryptol - the porous inert filler. Development of technical solutions for flameless heat generators is now an urgent task, requi ring estimating of cryptol thermalphysical characteristics. The main aim of the research is to determine the thermalphysical characteristics of the cryptol carbon matrix and to derive the functio nal dependencies for analytical calculation of its preheating. The methods: cryptol heat capacity and thermal conductivity were measured on the Discovery Flash DLF1200 thermal diffusivity ana lyzer in the temperature range of 298 to 573 K. Thermalphysical processes during the flat surface heating of porous filler were experi mentally investigated on a specially designed experimental stand. Two variants of the stand layout - with the minimum and maximum convection intensity values - were considered. In the mathematical processing of experimental data, the effective value of the thermal diffusivity was obtained from the finitedifference analog of heat equation. As a result, the analytical dependences of thermal diffusivity on temperature were obtained. These dependences enable us to use heat equation for calculating the thermal conditions of cryptol preheating.

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ЖурналBulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, Geo Assets Engineering
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