Effects of pressing temperature on the consolidation of titanium nickelide powders

V. E. Panin, A. I. Slosman, B. B. Ovechkin, S. N. Kul'kov

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The plastic aftereffect and the shape memory effect hinder the manufacture of high-density materials based on titanium nickelide by traditional powder metallurgy methods. Studies have been made on the effects of temperature and pressing pressure for powders containing titanium nickelide on the elastic aftereffect, crystal growth during the initial stage of sintering, and density of the sintered material. If the pressing is at a temperature exceeding the temperature for the start of the martensite transformation, one can increase the density of the material substantially by comparison with pressing at room temperature. For that purpose, the pressing temperature needs to be raised only to 200°C.

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ЖурналPowder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics
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