Effects of Predoping and Implantation Conditions on Diffusion of Silicon in Gallium Arsenide Subjected to Electron-Beam Annealing

M. V. Ardyshev, V. M. Ardyshev, Yu Yu Kryuchkov

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Measurements of capacitance-voltage characteristics and Rutherford backscattering were used to study the parameters of silicon diffusion from preliminarily formed n-type layers into semi-insulating GaAs under electron-beam annealing and conventional heat treatment. The layers were doped with either sulfur or silicon. The degree of 28Si electrical activation and 28Si diffusion coefficient are found to depend on the dopant used to form the n-type layer and on the implantation conditions (continuous or pulsed-repetitive, with a pulse width of 1.3 × 10-2 s and duty factor of 100).

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