Effects of plastic deformation, hydrogen charge, and irradiation on defects in titanium

I. P. Chernov, Yu P. Cherdantsev, A. M. Lider, G. V. Garanin, G. M. Krening, Kh Baumbakh, A. Surkov

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Effects of plastic deformation and irradiation on defect structure of hydrogen charged titanium have been investigated by means of positron annihilation method. At 1-2% elongation strain, defect number after irradiation is reduced, while the positron lifetime is decreased (after electron irradiation) or is not changed (after X-ray irradiation). Conversely, a defect number is increased at a strain >2%. Mean positron lifetime in the initially irradiated and then hydrogen charged specimens was increased after any type irradiation at any strain value. The results are explained by defect structure transformation due to irradiation-stimulated hydrogen atoms movement.

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