Effect of zeolite and boric acid on epoxy-based composites

P. M. Visakh, Olga B. Nazarenko, Yuliya Alexandrovna Amelkovich, Tatyana V. Melnikova

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Epoxy composites filled with boric acid and natural zeolite with different percentage (1, 5, and 10wt%) were prepared. Hexamethylenediamine and polyethylenpolyamine were used as curing agents. The prepared samples and starting materials were examined using the methods of thermal analysis and scanning electron microscopy. The parameters of thermal decomposition in argon were analyzed. The limiting oxygen index was calculated in accordance with Van Krevelen and Hoftyzer equation. The thermal characteristics of the studied composites depend on the filler content. The results showed that the incorporation of 10wt% fillers both boric acid and natural zeolite significantly improved the thermal properties of the obtained composites.

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