Effect of the shape of particles on the characteristics of the ignition of coal–water fuel

S. V. Syrodoi, G. V. Kuznetsov, V. V. Salomatov

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A solution to the problem of the ignition of a coal–water fuel particle under the conditions of radiation-convective heat exchange with the environment was proposed. The mathematical simulation was carried out taking into account the combined occurrence of a set of physical and chemical processes (thermal conductivity, the evaporation of water, the thermal decomposition of the organic matter of a coal component, the filtration of water vapor and gaseous thermal decomposition products to the surface, and the chemical interaction of water vapor with the solid and gaseous products of the pyrolysis of coal) in the initial and slightly dried parts of the fuel. The effect of the configuration of a particle on the delay times of ignition was established based on an example of two typical shapes (sphere and cube).

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