Effect of surface radiation on transient natural convection in a wavy-walled cavity

Mikhail A. Sheremet, Igor V. Miroshnichenko

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Transient natural convection in a differentially heated square cavity that has one vertical wavy wall has been studied numerically. The domain of interest is bounded by vertical isothermal walls and horizontal adiabatic walls. The governing equations formulated in dimensionless stream function, vorticity, and temperature, within the Boussinesq approximation with corresponding initial and boundary conditions, have been solved using an iterative implicit finite-difference method. The main objective is to investigate the effect of the dimensionless time 0 ≤ τ ≤ 0.4, Rayleigh number 104 ≤Ra ≤ 106, surface emissivity 0 ≤ ε < 1, undulations number 1 ≤ ≤ 6, and shape parameter 0.6 ≤ a ≤ 1.4 on fluid flow and heat transfer. Results are presented in the form of streamlines, isotherms, and distribution of average total Nusselt number at the wavy wall.

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ЖурналNumerical Heat Transfer; Part A: Applications
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