Effect of energy on the formation of flexible hard Al-Si-N films prepared by magnetron sputtering

J. Musil, D. Javdošňák, R. Čerstvý, S. Haviar, G. Remnev, V. Uglov

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The article reports on mechanical and optical properties of Al-Si-N films with a low Si content deposited by ac pulsed reactive magnetron sputtering. The effect of the energy delivered in the growing film by bombarding ions on the properties of Al-Si-N films was investigated in detail. It has been found that the Al-Si-N films are crystalline, highly elastic and optically transparent, and exhibit the columnar microstructure and low resistance to cracking when sputtered at low energy and the dense, voids-free microstructure and the enhanced resistance to cracking when sputtered at high energy.

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