Effect of electro-discharge circuit parameters on the destructive action of plasma channel in solid media

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The results of computer blast-hole experiments with copper wire electro-explosion in the polyethylene-concrete media has been analyzed with shock and pressure wave dynamics depending on the spatiotemporal distribution of electrical power deposition in plasma channel. Pressure and stress-wave dynamics of tensely-deformed material state has been analysed by means of physical and mathematical model, which consistently describes the operation of the discharge circuit, plasma channel expansion, generation and propagation of the shock and pressure waves in the condensed media. It has been shown the significant dependence of the stress-wave profile on the pressure pulse wave shape on the borehole wall which is determined by the rate of electrical energy release in the plasma channel and is weakly depended on the time of energy release (at given rate of its release). Analysis of stress-wave dynamics have been shown that the rapid power deposition results to the higher amplitude of compressive stresses in the wave. The lower energy deposition rate in plasma channel leads to the higher amplitude of tensile stresses both in radial and tangential direction.

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