E-learning didactic support in teaching foreign languages of higher education students

O. I. Shaykina, O. V. Proskura, T. A. Dakukina

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The main purpose of this work is to consider an innovative blended learning method that combines a variety of approaches, supported by a flexible interactive platforms and open educational resources. The theoretical study considers e-learning support within the open educational resources and electronic platforms that offer new environment for teacher's training. It is found that methodically competent organization of the use of blended learning components is an effective approach to improve teaching activities and is singled out from the perspective of the proposed interactive repositories that provide the actualization of knowledge in the field of information and communication technologies. The findings of the study can be used in the teaching activities of researchers who understand and accept the dynamics of innovative modifications as a result of future skills development dealing with fundamentally new competences which are considered to be as adequate to new competitive environment.

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