Dynamical equations of an ensemble of defects in the presence of disoriented substructures

Yu V. Grinyaev, N. V. Chertova, V. E. Panin

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It has been established experimentally that during a deformation process the defect structure of materials evolves from a single distribution of the defects to an ensemble of interacting particles which consists of nondisoriented or disoriented substructures, depending on the magnitude of the deformation. The conditions for the existence of disoriented defect substructures are examined on the basis of a field description of the dynamics of an ensemble of defects, and a generalization of previously known dynamical equations of nondisoriented defect substructures to the case of disoriented substructures is obtained. These equations show which quantities characterize the field of defects in the presence of disoriented substructures.

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