Drift model of the cathode region of a glow discharge

V. Yu Kozhevnikov, A. V. Kozyrev, Yu D. Korolev

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    A one-dimensional drift model of the cathode region of a glow discharge with allowance for both electron-impact ionization and charged particle loss is proposed. An exact solution to the model equations is obtained for the case of similar power-law dependences of the ion and electron drift velocities on the electric field strength. It is shown that, even in the drift approximation, a relatively wide transition layer in which the ion-to-electron current ratio approaches a constant value typical of the positive column of a glow discharge should occur between the thin space-charge sheath and the quasineutral plasma, the voltage drop across the space-charge sheath being comparable to that across the transition layer. The calculated parameters of the normal and anomalous glow discharges are in good agreement with available experimental data.

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    ЖурналPlasma Physics Reports
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    Kozhevnikov, V. Y., Kozyrev, A. V., & Korolev, Y. D. (2006). Drift model of the cathode region of a glow discharge. Plasma Physics Reports, 32(11), 949-959. https://doi.org/10.1134/S1063780X06110109