Double Photoproduction of Neutral Pions on a Proton and a Deuteron

R. R. Dusaev, M. V. Egorov

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Total cross sections of electromagnetic π0π0 formation processes on a proton and a deuteron in the photon energy range from threshold to Eγ ≤ 2 GeV are calculated. Construction of the single-particle photoproduction operator is based on a calculation of Born and resonance contributions calculated in the tree approximation. The main parameters of the nucleon resonances were found from the Particle Data Group (PDG) compilation. A satisfactory description of the р(γ, π0π0)р cross section was achieved assuming a leading role for the pion rescattering process π+π → π0π0, whose contribution amounted to more than 1 μb in the vicinity of the D13(1520) resonance.

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