Diversity SSC reception in correlated Generalized-K (KG) fading environment

Jelena A. Anastasov, Dragana S. Krstic, Srdjan M. Jovkovic, Dusan M. Stefanovic, Stefan R. Panic, Mihajlo C. Stefanovic

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In this paper, performance analysis of switch and stay selection combining (SSC) technique in multipath/shadowing fading propagation channel is observed. The short term fading (multipath fading) and the long term fading (shadowing) are both modeled by Generalized-K (KG) distribution. The proposed system is considered in correlated fading environment. The probability density function (pdf) of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the output of SSC receiver is derived in form of MeijerG functions. According to this new closedform formula, the outage probability is considered and the effects of fading and shadowing parameters and correlation coefficients on the performance gain are analyzed.

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ЖурналInternational Conference on Circuits, Systems and Signals - Proceedings
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Anastasov, J. A., Krstic, D. S., Jovkovic, S. M., Stefanovic, D. M., Panic, S. R., & Stefanovic, M. C. (2010). Diversity SSC reception in correlated Generalized-K (KG) fading environment. International Conference on Circuits, Systems and Signals - Proceedings, 280-283.