Distribution of macrobenthos biomass and bottom biocoenoses in the southern East Siberian Sea

A. Yu Gukov, Oleg Victorovich Dudarev, Igor Petrovich Semiletov, A. N. Charkin, Ya S. Gorshkova

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The macrobenthos biomass and bottom biocoenoses were studied in the sublittoral zone of the southern East Siberian Sea. The macrobenthos was characterized by a relatively high abundance (from 30 to 2680 ind./m2), biomass (from 0.25 to 578.8 g/m2), and diversity (83 species in total). The lateral distribution of the macrobenthos biomass correlates with the substrate type and salinity and is substantially higher in the areas washed by the Arctic water mass than in the estuaries with mixed fresh and Arctic waters and shows a tendency to decreasing in the convergence zone of different water masses. The highest macrobenthos biomass is observed in the cores of the water masses in the Long Strait area and in the eastern part of the sea.

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