Distribution of electrokinetic characteristics in a negative glow discharge plasma

G. S. Evtushenko, A. G. Gridnev, I. I. Murav'ev

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The fundamental features of the electron-energy spectrum in a negative glow, set forth here for helium, neon, and argon will be observed also in other neutral gases. The form of the electron-energy distribution function in a mixture of them may be substantially different [18]. The latter is also true for molecular gases [19]. However, the laws for the spatial distribution of the electrokinetic characteristics in a negative glow (presented in Sec. a-d) will hold for discharge in any gases and in any mixtures of them (if it is true that they are basically due to the effect of the electron beam from the cathode space). In this case a negative glow discharge can be successfully used for studying elementary processes occurring in a discharge plasma not only of neutral gases, but, for example, in vapors of metals and in molecular gases.

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