Distribution of electric field above a segment of a dielectric irradiated by an electron stream

E. K. Zavadovskaya, N. N. Zausaeva, V. A. Starodubtsev, B. V. Fedorov

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1. When the glasses studied are irradiated by a stream of electrons so that segments are produced as ribbons with a 5:1 ratio of length to width, the electric field is equivalent to the field from a uniformly charged filament of finite length placed along the symmetry axis of the irradiated segment. 2. Segments of aluninum phosphate glass, of length about 10 mm, irraidated by a stream of electrons can set up in the surrounding space an inhomogeneous electric field such that the strength is of the order of 103 V·mm-1 at the distribution maximum about one millimeter above the surface.

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