Dissolved methane in the Arctic shallow shelf waters

N. E. Shakhova, I. P. Semiletov, N. A. Bel'cheva

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The role of the World Ocean as a source of methane supply into the atmosphere is assessed at 2-5% of the annual budget of the global methane cycle, i.e., ∼560 Tg CH4. According to other estimates, the calculated annual emission from regions of permanent methane discharge at the continental shelf (high seepage potential area) alone may be 8-65 Tg CH4 [2]. The role of the Arctic Ocean (AO) has thus far been accepted as insignificant. A new chromatograph made possible to carry out high-precision measurements of dissolved methane at the shelf of the East Siberian Sea. The results obtained suggest that the contribution of the Arctic shelf to methane emission into the atmosphere has been substantially underestimated.

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