Dispersion Relations for Proton Relaxation in Solid Dielectrics

V. A. Kalytka, M. V. Korovkin

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Frequency-temperature spectra of the complex permittivity are studied for proton semiconductors and dielectrics using the methods of a quasi-classical kinetic theory of dielectric relaxation (the Boltzmann kinetic theory) in the linear approximation with respect to the polarizing field in the radio frequency range at temperatures T = 50-450 K. The effect of the quantum transitions of protons on the Debye dispersion relations is taken into account for crystals with hydrogen bonds (HBC) at low temperatures (50-100 K). The diffusion coefficients and the mobilities under electrical transfer of protons in the HBCs are constructed at high temperatures (100-350 K) in a non-linear approximation with respect to the polarizing field.

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