Dislocation structure in near-surface layers of pure metals formed by ion implantation

A. N. Didenko, Alexander Ilyich Ryabchikov, G. P. Isaev, N. M. Arzubov, Yu P. Sharkeev, E. V. Kozlov, G. V. Pushkareva, I. V. Nikonova, A. E. Ligachev

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Layer-by-layer investigation of the dislocation structure in near-surface layers of pure metals affected by high-dose ion implantation (D = 1 × 1016- 1 × 1018 ions cm-2, V = 40 kV, 1.2 MV) was carried out using electron microscopy. It was established that implantation of different ions in copper and α-Fe resulted in the formation of a developed dislocation structure in the near-surface layer, the thickness of which exceeded the ion range by several orders of magnitude. The dependences of dislocation density and dislocation loop concentration have been plotted vs. the distance to the irradiated surface.

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