Discharge Lasers Pumped by Generators with Inductive Energy Storage

Evgenii H. Baksht, Alexei N. Panchenko, Victor F. Tarasenko

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Generators with inductive energy storage units and semiconductor opening switches designed for laser excitation are described. Operation of the generators on a gas-discharge load is considered and possible excitation modes are discussed. A longitudinal N2 laser, transverse discharge nonchain HF laser, and CO2 laser are developed based on this pumping technique. Output energies of 0.6 J and 3.2 J and laser efficiencies of 5.5% and over 17% were demonstrated on H2-SF6, and He-CO2-N2 gas mixtures, respectively. High laser parameters obtained demonstrate the considerable promise of such inductive generators for pumping different gas lasers.

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ЖурналIEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
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