Discharge development in layered dielectrics

O. S. Gefle, A. V. Demin, V. R. Kukhta, S. M. Lebedev, V. V. Lopatin, M. D. Noskov

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The results of experimental and computer investigation of discharge development features in three-layer insulation systems under conditions similar to a uniform external field are given. The influence of the relationship between the dielectric permittivity of a basic dielectric (εd) and barrier (εb) as well as the position of the layer interfaces (r) on the space-time discharge characteristics is studied. For computer investigation, a fractal dielectric breakdown model is used. The space charges resulting from differences in layer dielectric permittivity are shown to induce an electric field distribution, which has a significant influence on the character of the discharge structure development. For εd εb > 3, field redistribution is sufficient to cause holding of discharge channels in the barrier layer. This is more efficient at r ≈ 0.25. In this case the maximum increase in time before the three-layer insulation systems are broken down is observed.

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