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The problem of "semi-bare electron" was first considered in frame of quantum electrodynamics by E.L. Feinberg in 1980. In theory in frame of classical electrodynamics this problem was touched on in articles of N.F. Shul'ga and X. Artru. In 2008 the experimental investigations of this phenomenon in millimeter wavelength region were started by the group of scientists, including authors of this article. Used technique allowed us to study this effect in macroscopic mode. In this paper we present the results of direct observation of a semi-bare electron coulomb field recovery. The semi-bare state was obtained by passing of electron beam through the hole in a conductive screen. Measured spatial distribution of electromagnetic field shows the process of recover of the electron coulomb field, which is followed by a forward radiation. The experiments were performed on the relativistic electron beam of the microtron of Tomsk Polytechnic University.

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