Dimensional Hume-Rothery factor and shear stability of bcc solid solutions

I. I. Naumov, V. E. Panin, M. F. Zhorovkov

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The relation between the elastic shear constants and the dimensional Hume-Rothery factor is traced on the basis of the pseudopotential method for a number of bcc solid solutions AB. It is clarified that in the case of a substantial difference between the atomic volumes ωA and ωB, the constant c′=(c11-c12)/2 takes on anomalously low values and even vanishes. The conclusion is hence made that the explanation of the 15% Hume-Rothery rule is possible from the aspect of stability of the crystalline lattice to shear. The presence of lattice distortion is not needed here in principle, as had been assumed earlier. It is shown that ordering of atoms according to the CsCl type can result in an abrupt increase in the value of c′, i.e., in stabilizing the lattice of the initial disordered solid solution.

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ЖурналSoviet Physics Journal
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