Device for comparison of rms values of two ac voltages

E. I. Tsimbalist, A. N. Merzha, I. Yu Ivanov

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The output signal of the device described is proportional to the relative difference between the rms values of two single-frequency voltages of from 0.003 to 3 V in the frequency range of 100 Hz to 2 MHz with a resolution of not lower than 0.001%. The device operates by comparison with a standard measure; therefore, it can be used in flaw detection, mensuration, and metrology as well as in physics experiments in which the standard and measured quantities can be represented by ac voltages.

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    Tsimbalist, E. I., Merzha, A. N., & Ivanov, I. Y. (1990). Device for comparison of rms values of two ac voltages. В Instruments and Experimental Techniques (4 PT 1 ред., Том 32, стр. 851-853)