Development of Soft-Hardware Platform for Training System Design of Electrotechnical Complexes and Electric Drives

Ekaterina A. Koltunova, Kseniya V. Ikonnikova, Sergei V. Lyapushkin

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The article presents the results of the development of software and hardware platform as the equipment for the training of children and youth work skills with robotics, allowing in the future to apply this knowledge in practice, implementing automation system for home use. We consider the problems of existing solutions. The main difference is the integration of the proposed fees and extensions into a single set by connecting the connectors and the ability to connect third-party components from different manufacturers, without limiting users. As well as a simplified method using a visual object-oriented programming allows you to immediately engage in the work. Prepared lessons and tasks in the game style simplifies the information and allows you to understand how you can apply one or another technical solution.

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