Development of perspective automation in the oil and gas industry

E. I. Gromakov, T. E. Mamonova, A. V. Liepinsh, A. N. Rymshin

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Currently, an obvious trend in the development of automated production control systems in the oil and gas industry (industry) is the introduction of digitalization of technological processes and production within the framework of the new industrial revolution Industry 4. The article analyzes the possible ways of digital (cyberphysical) transformation of automated process control systems for the oil and gas industry. Evolutionary development of automation systems in the production of industries can proceed within the framework of various roadmaps which depend on the degree of development of automation in production, as well as on financial support and strategic objectives of the management company. The initial levels of development of the current automation of various productions of industries differ significantly. Based on the features of the oil and gas industry, it is proposed to allocate two blocks of production, automation of which currently has an established level of development: The block of oil and gas production, preparation and transportation and the block of oil and gas processing and petrochemicals. Automation of technological processes of the first block of productions is characterized by the simplest automation, absence of introductions of the automated systems of the improved management. For such productions it is not necessary to force transition to industry 4 technologies. The strategy of introduction of modern automation systems should be carried out by sequential change of field “wired” automation by autonomous sensor networks using the simplest control algorithms with forecasting based on digital asset models. In the oil and gas industry for digitalization of productions within the Industry 4 paradigm petrochemical, oil refining productions are the most prepared. These enterprises have already implemented APC and MPC automation systems. It is recommended to carry out further development of automation on these productions by evolutionary introduction of the Internet of things (IOT), intelligent agents, virtual layers of cyberphysical systems, virtual agents with model forecasting of dynamics of key processes of hotel assets and technological processes in General with management in real and event time. Digitalization on the basis of autonomous sensor networks of cyber-physical systems will allow to increase efficiency of operation of physical assets of industries due to their technological selforganization at performance of the established plans and tasks. The proposed sequence of levels of milestone evolutionary development of digitalization of technological processes will allow any large industry company to form roadmaps of automation development for various industries until 2023.

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