Development of 100 terawatt hybrid laser system on base of photochemically driven XeF(C-A) amplifier

Valery Fedorovich Losev, S. Alekseev, N. Ivanov, B. Kovalchuk, L. Mikheev, G. Mesyats, Yu Panchenko, N. Ratakhin, A. Yastremsky

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Development of terawatt hybrid (solid state/gas) laser (THL-100) system on the basis of Ti:sapphire starting complex and photochemical XeF(C-A) amplifier with the aperture of 24 cm is presented. Laser system is built at Institute of High Current Electronics SD RAS, Tomsk, Russia. The results of numerical modeling of the output parameters are discussed and first experimental results are presented. Simulation is shown that active medium of XeF(C-A) amplifier has gain in range of (1.8-4.5)×10-3cm-1 and it allows to extract by femtosecond pulse up to 3 J. This promises 60 TW output power to be produced in 50 fs pulse. In the first experiments when 2 mJ and 1 ps pulse was injected in XeF(C-A) amplifier the ∼1 J output energy and ∼10 TW power of was obtained.

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