Developing of KUKA youBot software for education process

Sergei Mikhalevich, Nikolay Krinitsyn, Flavio Manenti, Vladimir Kurochkin, Sergei Baydali

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Nowadays robotic manipulators are in almost all industrial processes, especially in the food area. The rate of development for the robot industry are growing every year and respectively grows the number of conferences and exhibitions. However, there is a task in providing personnel training for tuning, control and maintenance manipulators. The goal of the present work is to describe the structure of application, principles of user interaction and base of the first year students education with developed software. Main advantage of proposed software has client-server architecture that allows to carry out tasks not only in high school or university, but also in the industry worldwide. Students requires a PC or any mobile device to run the application. Popular conceptions of internet education and free education would be provided. In addition, there is a possibility to add own static and dynamic object to scene thanks to the open source Blender software. This allows to develop large class of different student tasks. Another benefit is using open source graphical engine Blend4Web due to the fact that it avoids to install any additional software.

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