Developing of computer simulator of H2SO4-Catalyzed benzene alkylation with alkenes

Elena N. Ivashkina, Emilia D. Ivanchina, Irena O. Dolganova, Igor M. Dolganov, Rustam A. Khakimov, Vjacheslav A. Chuzlov, Alexander V. Bekker

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In this research, the indicators of the H2SO4-catalyzed benzene alkylation with alkenes were performed with use of the mathematical model, which was implemented in the industry at one of the refineries. We present the effect of the butane-butylene fraction flow rate and the isobutane concentration in the feedstock on the content of isooctane's in the alkylate. The possibility of using a mathematical model of the process of H2SO4-catalyzed benzene alkylation with alkenes as a training system has been shown. This will allow the oil refinery technologists to gain theoretical skills to troubleshoot industrial plants and to optimize their performance.

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