Determination of osmium in mineral raw materials by the method of kinetic inversion voltammetry

N. A. Kolpakova, O. V. Kaminskaya, E. V. Yagovkina

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A new hybrid version of inversion voltammetry, the method of kinetic inversion voltammetry (KIV), is proposed and exemplified by an analysis of osmium. Electrooxidation of an Os + OsO2 film, predeposited on the surface of an indifferent electrode, is shown to generate "inverse" peaks in an anodic voltammogram recorded in an acid electrolyte in the presence of hydrogen peroxide. In the KIV method, osmium can be analyzed without preliminary separation of it from a complex matrix. The lower limit for determination of osmium against the background solution 0.1 M H2SO4 + 30% H2O2 is 8 × 10-10 M (sr = 8%). The detection limit (3σ-test) is 4.7 × 10-10 M.

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