Determination of Energy and Fluences of Protons Collectively Accelerated in a Luce Diode Accelerator

V. A. Ryzhkov, G. E. Remnev, M. V. Zhuravlev, I. N. Pyatkov, V. S. Lopatin

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Abstract: Plates of boron carbide B4C were used as refractory targets for determination of energy and fluences of protons collectively accelerated in a Luce diode accelerator by control of 7Be and 13N gamma radioactivity induced by nuclear reactions 10B(p, α)7Be and 12C(p, γ)13N, respectively. The Luce diode exploited a cylindrical tungsten rod as a cathode and a polyethylene washer as an anode, producing pulsed electron beams with durations and currents of up to 100 ns and 30 kA at voltages of 250 kV. The technique allows controlling proton energies within the range of 500–1500 keV and fluences of up to 5 × 1013 protons per cm2 per pulse.

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ЖурналTechnical Physics Letters
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