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Tartrazine E102, Yellow "Sunset" E110, Ponso 4R E124 and the Patented Blue E131 food synthetic dyes solid-phase extraction from yoghurts and biokefirs in a transparent polymethylmethacrylate matrix as a solid extractant was studied. The analytical signal was formed due to the accumulation of the dye in the volume of the polymer matrix without violating the transparency, and this corresponded to the wavelength of the maximum absorption of the corresponding dye. The sorption mechanism was based on the protonization of the carbonyl groups of PMM in the acidic media, and, as a result, the optode surface became positively charged. Therefore, the sorption of the R± form of the E131 dye and the azo dye anions occurred by the positively charged PMM surface. The effectiveness of the proposed approach was shown for the identification and determination of the 2 food-grade synthetic dyes content using the visual and spectrophotometric methods. The optimal conditions for the analysis corresponded to pH <3, the duration of dye extraction into the polymer matrix was 20 min, the range of the detected concentrations was 0.2-40.0 mg/kg with the detection limit of 0.05 mg/kg, and an excess of sweeteners and preservatives did not significantly affect the results of the analysis. The results of the determination of the listed dyes were demonstrated in the current work for the case of individual and group presence of dyes in biokefirs and yogurts. The proposed technique is simple in execution and could be carried out using the standard spectrophotometric equipment. The advantage of the developed method for the determination of artificial dyes in comparison with the method of spectrophotometric determination with liquid extraction is a significant increase in the sensitivity of determination due to the accumulation of analyte, the exclusion of turbidity of an aliquot and the absence of dye loss due to its transition into the supernatant, and then into the solid phase of the matrix.

Переведенное названиеDetermination of ?102, ?110, ?124, ?131 synthetic dyes in yogurt using the solid-phase spectrophotometry
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  • Colorimetric sensor
  • Dairy product
  • Polymethylmethacrylate matrix
  • Solid-phase spectrophotometry
  • Synthetic food colorant

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