Detection of insulation defects in automated in-process testing of electric wire during its extrusion

Alexander Goldshtein, Galina Vavilova, Alexander Rumkin, Oldrich Starý

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The paper describes the electro-capacitive method for monitoring wire capacitance, which is implemented using the CAP-10 device, employed for in-process testing of the single core electric wire capacitance. Focus is made on the operating principle of the CAP-10 device. The possibility of using the CAP-10 device for detecting local defects in wire insulation is proved. Insulation defects such as foreign inclusions in the form of copper shavings, air cavities inside insulation and those at the core–insulation boundary are modeled. The impact of the defect geometric parameters on the wire capacitance measured during in-process testing is investigated through numerical simulation. Mathematical simulation results are validated through the physical model using the CAP-10 device.

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