Desublimation for Purification and Transporting UF6: Process Description and Modeling

Alexey Alexeevich Orlov, Alexandr F. Tsimbalyuk, Roman V. Malyugin

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This review presents an analytical overview of the different types of condensers called desublimators for purifying uranium hexafluoride from raw gas mixtures in the sublimation plant. Their advantages and disadvantages are shown. The specificity of the UF6 desublimation process required in the transport containers heading to enrichment or separation plants is reflected. The most effective versions of UF6 desublimation implementations, which can be used in solving complex modernization of UF6 sublimation at separation plants, are proposed. Review and analysis of existing approaches to mathematical modeling of UF6 desublimation is presented. Some disadvantages or flaws in existing mathematical models are shown. Some concepts for further development of theoretical investigations of UF6 desublimation are developed.

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ЖурналSeparation and Purification Reviews
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