Design of Acoustical Bessel-Like Beam Formation by a Pupil Masked Soret Zone Plate Lens

Daniel Tarrazó-Serrano, Sergio Castiñeira-Ibáñez, Oleg V. Minin, Pilar Candelas, Constanza Rubio, Igor V. Minin

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The image performance of acoustic and ultrasound sensors depends on several fundamental parameters such as depth of focus or lateral resolution. There are currently two different types of acoustic diffractive lenses: those that form a diffraction-limited spot with a shallow depth of focus (zone plates) and lenses that form an extended focus (quasi-Bessel beams). In this paper, we investigate a pupil-masked Soret zone plate, which allows the tunability of a normalized angular spectrum. It is shown that the depth of focus and the lateral resolution can be modified, without changing the lens structure, by choosing the size of the pupil mask. This effect is based on the transformation of spherically-converging waves into quasi-conical waves, due to the apodization of the central part of the zone plate. The theoretical analysis is verified with both numerical simulations and experimental measurements. A Soret zone plate immersed in water with D/2F = 2.5 and F = 4.5 λ changes its depth of focus from 2.84 λ to 5.9 λ and the lateral resolution increases from 0.81 λ to 0.64 λ at a frequency of 250 kHz, by modifying the pupil mask dimensions of the Soret zone plate.

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