Dependence of the macroscopic elastic properties of porous media on the parameters of a stochastic spatial pore distribution

Ig S. Konovalenko, A. Yu Smolin, S. Yu Korostelev, S. G. Psakh'E

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The mechanical behavior of porous ceramic materials with a stochastic structure of their pore space is numerically studied during shear loading. The calculations are performed by the mobile cellular automaton method. A procedure is proposed for a numerical description of the internal structure of such materials using the dispersion of the pore distribution in layers that are parallel to the loading direction in a sample. The dependence of the macroscopic elastic properties of porous media on their internal structure is analyzed. Samples with spherical pores and pores extended along the loading direction exhibit a correlation between their average shear modulus and the dispersion of a pore distribution. Thus, the results obtained indicate that the shear modulus of such media is a structure-sensitive property. The proposed approach can be applied to compare the elastic properties of samples using data on their pore structure.

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