Densification of zirconium nitride by spark plasma sintering and high voltage electric discharge consolidation: A comparative analysis

G. Lee, M. S. Yurlova, D. Giuntini, E. G. Grigoryev, O. L. Khasanov, J. McKittrick, E. A. Olevsky

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The densification behavior of zirconium nitride powder is investigated for various temperature and pressure conditions imposed by spark plasma sintering and high voltage electric discharge consolidation techniques. The crystal structure, chemical composition, porosity, and grain size of the powders and processed specimens are analyzed by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. The outcomes of the two considered consolidation techniques are comparatively assessed. Vickers micro-hardness of the processed ZrN specimens is investigated, and hardness dependence on porosity is analyzed. The densification mechanism of ZrN consolidated by spark plasma sintering is revealed by applying the constitutive equation of the continuum theory of sintering, and it turns out to be a similar mechanism to hot pressing. Application of the sintering constitutive equations shows that the mechanism of ZrN densification by high voltage electric discharge consolidation method depends on the magnitude of the applied voltage.

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