Deformation of Water Droplets at Various Initial Temperatures During Motion Through Cooled Air

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Experimental investigations exploring the integral characteristics of the deformation of water droplets at various initial temperatures (280 to 360 K) in air at 275–300 K were conducted. Sizes (diameters) and motion velocities of the droplets were varied between 3 and 6 mm and 0 to 5 m/sec, respectively. High-speed (up to105 frames per second) video cameras, cross-correlation measuring systems, and panoramic optical methods (PIV and IPI) were used. The main characteristics of droplet “deformation cycles,” as well as their shapes and existence times were determined. The influence of droplet sizes and motion velocities on the characteristics of their deformation for the conditions corresponding to operation of modern cooling towers, evaporators, separating machines, irrigators, and other devices typical in gas-vapor-droplet technological cycles was established.

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