Deformation of the free surface in a moving locally-heated thin liquid layer

O. A. Kabov, Jean Claude Legros, I. V. Marchuk, B. Sheid

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Liquid film flow on a vertical surface is studied experimentally and theoretically under the determining influence of the thermocapillary forces. In the two-dimensional steady-state case the shape of the film surface is calculated numerically within the thin layer approximation with allowance for the temperature dependence of the viscosity of the liquid and redistribution of the heat flux in the heating element. A local heat source was used in the experiments to produce temperature gradients up to 10 K/mm on the liquid surface. The film thickness was determined by means of the schlieren method with reflection. The relative thickness of the roller in the upper heater edge zone, characteristic of the formation of regular structures, is measured. The thickness is h/h 0 = 1.32 ± 0.07, which agrees satisfactorily with the results of numerical calculations.

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