Deformation of a water shell during free fall in air

Vladimir Eliferievich Nakoryakov, G. V. Kuznetsov, P. A. Strizhak

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The basic regularities of the change in the shape and sizes (the initial volume is 0.05–0.5 L) of a water shell are singled out in its deformation during free fall in air from a height of 3 m. The 3D recording of the basic stages of deformation (flattening of the shell, nucleation, growth, and destruction of bubbles, formation of the droplet cloud) is carried out using high-speed (up to 105 frames per second) Phantom V411 and Phantom Miro M310 video cameras and the program complex Tema Automotive (with the function of continuous tracking). The physical model of destruction of large water bodies is formulated at free fall with the formation of the droplet cloud.

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