Deep subwavelength-scale light focusing and confinement in nanohole-structured mesoscale dielectric spheres

Yinghui Cao, Zhenyu Liu, Oleg V. Minin, Igor V. Minin

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One of the most captivating properties of dielectric mesoscale particles is their ability to form a sub-diffraction limited-field localization region, near their shadow surfaces. However, the transverse size of the field localization region of a dielectric mesoscale particle is usually larger than λ/3. In this present paper, for the first time, we present numerical simulations to demonstrate that the size of the electromagnetic field that forms in the localized region of the dielectric mesoscale sphere can be significantly reduced by introducing a nanohole structure at its shadow surface, which improves the spatial resolution up to λ/40 and beyond the solid immersion diffraction limit of λ/2n. The proposed nanohole-structured microparticles can be made from common natural optical materials, such as glass, and are important for advancing the particle-lens-based super-resolution technologies, including sub-diffraction imaging, interferometry, surface fabrication, enhanced Raman scattering, nanoparticles synthesis, optical tweezer, etc.

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