Data on hydrogen isotopes yield from Pd under thermal, electric current, radiation and UV stimulations

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Data on the hydrogen isotopes (H, D) yield of Pd with linear heating: a) by the accelerated electrons beam with energy up to 35 KeV, b) by joule heat of AC (50 Hz) through samples, c) by external coaxial metal furnace (stainless steel), d) in quartz vacuum cell are presented and e) UV stimulation during thermal heating (the research article [2]). The highest temperature position of the maximum hydrogen isotopes intensity release corresponds to the samples heating in a metal vacuum cell by external coaxial furnace. The lowest temperature position of the maximum intensity hydrogen isotopes release corresponds to the heating by accelerated electrons beam. The difference in these positions of the maximum is ΔТ ≈ 300°С. Shift of maxima position in the hydrogen and deuterium release into the low-temperature region is significant (ΔТ ≈ 50–100°С) for the Pd sample when metal are heated by electric current or in a quartz vacuum cell compared to their heating in a metal vacuum cell and under UV stimulation during thermal heating.

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