Damage to formation surrounding flooding wells: Modelling of suspension filtration with account of particle trapping and mobilization

S. A. Boronin, K. I. Tolmacheva, A. A. Osiptsov, A. N. Sitnikov, A. A. Yakovlev, B. V. Belozerov, E. V. Belonogov, R. R. Galeev

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We consider the filtration of raw water in a formation surrounding injection wells in oilfields of Western Siberia. The mathematical model for suspension filtration developed earlier on the basis of tree-continua approach allows to describe the permeability damage and recovery due to trapping and mobilization of externally-introduced fines. As compared to classical deep-bed filtration models, the proposed model takes into account the filtration of the carrier fluid through the pack of trapped fines and uses only two free parameters to describe the particle trapping and mobilization rates. It has gone through a thorough validation campaign against experimental data with contamination of porous samples by external fines and mobilization of pre-seeded particles in sand packs. Simulations of permeability dynamics in the zone surrounding injection wells are carried out using the values of free parameters obtained by tuning the model against available lab experiments. Both continuous and periodic water flooding/cleanup is modelled. It is found that there are periodic regimes of water injection, in which the permeability of the rock is not damaged. The study will be continued after the calibration of the model against thorough laboratory tests with natural cores and field tests of injection rate dynamics in flooding wells.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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СобытиеJoint 12th International Conference on Two-Phase Systems for Space and Ground Applications, CTPSSGA 2017 and 2nd International School of Young Scientists on Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer, ISYSIPHT 2017 - Academgorodok, Novosibirsk, Российская Федерация
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