CuBr-Ne-HBr laser with a high repetition frequency of the lasing pulses at a reduced energy deposition in the discharge

A. M. Boichenko, G. S. Evtushenko, V. O. Nekhoroshev, D. V. Shiyanov, S. N. Torgaev

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Experimental and computer studies of the CuBr laser with periodic-pulse pumping are performed with and without addition of HBr. The analysis based on the numerical simulation reveals how additions improve the lasing characteristics of this laser at both typical (10 to 20 kHz) and higher (up to 100 kHz) excitation pulse repetition frequencies during the operation with a low energy deposition in the discharge. This allows the lasing pulse repetition frequency to be increased in the experiment to 750 kHz, which does not seem to be a limit as yet.

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ЖурналPhysics of Wave Phenomena
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